beats by dre totally recommend these people who want to throw some good phone

I’m not a headphone collectors in any way. But I is a musician’s ear for sound quality. I already have a lot of Sony, Bose, Philips, etc. .. I can honestly say, I always make a lot of criticism defeated by beats by dre and they advocate. I think they are overrated, expensive, just a fashion. However, in the national music headphones an online survey, I realized that I need a new phone. Give into a solid market and the impact of a terrible week, I picked up a Dr. Dre Beat generation SOLO HD. I should not spend the money shortly after I ordered them, but as long as they get on my door, and put them in my skull, I changed my mind immediately regretted.

Beat the bass-heavy determine (hip-hop enthusiasts), but I’ve been playing a lot of Motley Crue, AC / DC, Pink Floyd, John Butler, Iron Maiden, who, even Phi The first jazz band through these. They sound amazing. At all levels, they have excellent sound. They are ultra clear scope. I am concerned, they will also be for hip hop and R & B, but I found them to be very flexible. I have to fall in love them every day, because I bought them. Yes, they are expensive. Yes, they are a fashion and the advertising. Is, they are made of plastic. But their voice is absolutely crazy. The best money I spent. Would totally recommend these people who want to throw some good phone on Mellon PS If your breakthrough, please call the monster, they will solve their freedom. Happened to my friend. In less than a week the new.

I would say they are my favorite headphones beats by dre There is no way in the industry, I just like to listen to music (all types). One thing: These headphones are simply amazing. The sound is great. You have your bass, alto / TREB. From music, I watched two Netflix movies, perfect audio, crisp and clean. Then, I decided to go into some old school rap. NWA, Snoop and Biggy Commodity. Big bass lines, these lovers! To be honest, I have never bought a headset over $ 80. But because my tax returns and test this product in Best Buy many times, I am very excited about this acquisition, and said, if you at these debates, but they go. You will not put down! : D

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